Do you keep your children's Lost teeth?

SO, I have kept most of them.. and now it's sort of creeping me out.. In my drawer there's this small box of teeth and it sort of gives me the heebie jeebies.. lol... I think my mom saved ours too but I don't remember ever looking at them when older thinking COOl... I have kept many things.. but not their first hair cut or umbilical chord... is that bad???

    I have my sons teeth, they are sitting in a drawer and I have no idea what I am going to do with them. My mom has my teeth but I have never seen them and never really cared to. Teeth give me the creeps. I have the umbilical cord clamps for my kids but not the actual stump, ewww. My mother in law actually has my husbands foreskin and plastibell from his circumcision, EWWW! She saved them from all of her sons and showed it to them.
      I haven't hit this mark yet but will probably keep them locked in a drawer somewhere. My mom kept most of mine and my siblings.
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