My 9 Year old son is changing.. and I'm sad...

As much as I love him in this age.. I miss my baby... My kinder, my per-schooler.. My son now.. he's great, he's independent, loving and smart and funny and kind.. But things are changing.. He changes alone in his room.. fine.. he bathes and showers with the door closed and needs nothing from me.. He doesn't want to be even shirtless in front of me.. He won't craft.. lol..

A lot of what he does is playing independently... legos, games, drawing.. I ask if I can play with him something and he says, no thanks.. A lot of my time with him is just being available when he needs me.. But I miss my squishy little boy... and at the same time so proud of who he is and is becoming...

Growing up is hard.. I know he's got his dude friends and girls chasing him and so on and so forth... it's starting to happen.. when you become more of an observer of his life than the main part..

Weepy tears!!!

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    I KNOW! My son got a little bent out of shape this weekend as it was the second weekend his younger sister got to celebrate her birthday.. he was fine with it, but she got to spend her gift cards etc.. and he was just sort of a long for the ride.. He told me he felt like she got more attention. all the times.. I took him for chat and explained to him that he's my number one and that I ask him A LOT to play or do something and he often says no... he understood.. I reminded him that I'm his and I belong to him and that I'm always there for him and his younger sister JUST turned 7 and still needs so much from me.. from getting snacks, to crafting, to cutting, etc.. and she still wants me to play with her..

    He got it.. I went out and got a new game.. Backgammon... for older kids and told him that my dad taught me and I wanted to teach him. so we played an learned for an hour.. too hard for his sister so it was nice.. But I had to remind him that he only needs me.. like you said.. when he's hungry or needs a ride.. lol
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