Spray Tan was awesome... but now Its gone :(

I had a coupon and went to get a mystic spray tan.. I've only had one once or twice before and I love them.. I'm very fair skinned and in the winter.. it gets ashy looking.. in the summer I'm still fair, but at least I look a little pinkish...

I did the medium spray and it was awesome.. I didn't look TAN.. I looked like I had been at the beach all day.. and everyone I saw said I looked healthy and happy and upbeat..

it lasted really well fro about 4 days.. then faded pretty quickly and now I'm my tired, ashy self again.. lol.. Not sure I'd spend the regular price if $30 a few times a month, though I wish I could...

I did feel SO much better about myself.. ;)

    I love tanning but can't afford it on a regular basis. I've never had a spray tan.
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