Breast feeding help

I'm breast feeding my new born son and my nipples are extremely sore afterwards. I know they say you are supposed to get the nipple as far into the back of his mouth as possible so it won't hurt as much . But when I put my nipple into his mouth he latches on right away so I can't force it back farther. So I was wondering if anyone could help me with this.​

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        8Theresa Gould
        Sorry you are hurting. Mandi said it well. I would like to add that if he has a strong suckle it can hurt even if he is latched on correctly. And changing nursing positions so he isn't always latching at the same spot helps too.

        Btw, congratulations since I am working my way down posts instead of up and haven't seen your birth announcement yet.
          Amanda Hurley
          I agree with the other ladies. Also, the lanolin really helps. And when you shower, just use a warm rag on your nipples. No soap. I found this out with my oldest. We started having issues with her latching on, because she detested the taste of my shower gel. My lactation specialist told me not to wash with soap, just water.
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