how do you get toned??

im so lost, i have this issue, i cant gain weight ive had 3 kiddos and i am weighing in today and 110 pounds, i am usally between 115 and 120, but i started doing yoga bc id like to tighten up my stomach and legs more, but i lost 5lbs doing yoga, i cant lose anymore weight, or else ill look sick, i dont wanna get any skninner, i like what curves i have, im so afraid if i contiune yoga ill just lose more weight, everyone i ask says i look more toned not like ive lost 5lbs but i have. smh! anyone kno of good ways to tone without losing weight in the process? i dont wanna do these wraps or anything like that, im all about making it happen on my own and working for it, any advice or suggestions will be apprecaited. :)

Nikki Hicks
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    Nikki Hicks
    i have no idea the type of yoga i do to be honest, i kno its just the basics, im a beginner with that still. ive been thinking about this insanity workouts or the new one called t25 buut im almost positive ill lose way too much weight with that.
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