Feeling crazy today

Today is just one of those days where everything and anything either makes me angry or cry OR BOTH! I always feel so bad for my husband because he just doesn't know "how to please me"...... Well I don't know how to please me with all these hormones going on like I am in my first trimester again! He made a comment to me today that was "i can't win with you" I feel bad but than again I don't because I myself can't help it. This is something that is just literally out of my control. Sometimes I wake up and just feel like crying all day....so let me cry! Let me be angry. I always keep him out of my anger issues and tell him to give me some time but that is not good enough for him. He is a typical man and wants to fix everything. This is something I cannot fix.. So he definitely can't fix it.

Over a month ago we got a California king size bed. Shortly after we went and ordered a frame and box spring from Nebraska Furniture Mart..they said it would take two weeks to get it in making the date February 23rd. Well two days before they called and said it was going to be delayed until March 4th..I was angry seeing as it's getting HARD for me to get out of bed now. But we said OK and waited....got a call this morning...STILL DELAYED for ANOTHER WEEK! Well that was NOT OK for this pregnant lady...I told my husband to call them and tell them to cancel order and we want our money back..so we did. Of course it's going to take 3-5 business days for our money. UGH..

SOOOO. My husband called this place called "Bedding company" and without speaking to me about it first ordered another frame and box spring...that's great..only if it wasn't $$$$$400...... I went crazy, got all emotional...I stress about money even if we have it. It's what I do and he knows that. The other place we only paid $250 for both and now we are 400 bucks short. I know he did it for me and was thinking of me and that I have been struggling sleeping but why wouldn't he just talk with me about it instead of just buying it outright?!

Any who, we are getting the bed stuff in tomorrow. Happy? Yes I am happy. But still frustrated about this 400 dollars crap. Urrrrgh.
So sorry for the rant, and thank you to anyone who took the time to read all of it!

    8Theresa Gould
    Awww...sorry it's been a rough day. I think we've all had days like that when we can't explain why we react a certain way etc. I'm glad you are finally going to get a good night's sleep. Your husband was a sweetie to take it on considering the issues you had with the other company. Don't worry about the money, he's obviously not. Just try and enjoy your new bed.
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