i have this pain under my belly , its getting difficult to walk . What's going on . I am worried . Help please

    If it feels like a dull pain almost like pressure it's probably just your little one sitting REALLY low. I had the same issues! and still have them every now and than. It could also just be stretching going on, your uterus is still growing and everything is shifting and moving!

    If it gets to the point where you can't walk at all I would suggest going to your doctor. Also, never be afraid to call your doctor or nurse at ANY time!

    Good luck!
      How far along?? I had this and was terrified. Turns out it was a pulled muscle from the baby stretching it. Your muscles and ligaments are bending and it feels like a runners cramp. Stay still and stretch LIGHTLY... If there's any discharge or bleeding, see your doc.

      Notice if it hurts more when u bend or move.. Lots of stuff going on and changing down that way.
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