Oh No!!

My little girl could be arriving any day, and I am getting a Cold Sore!!!!!! (I think it's due to all the stress from moving!)
Does anyone know what I can do? I've been told I can use abreva once a day, but I would prefer home remedies!
I don't really have a doctor per say, so any advice helps!

    8Theresa Gould
    I read it's best to use cotton swabs for cold sores. Hydrogen peroxide in the blistering stage. Some say hydrogen peroxide then alcohol. But I've never really tried it.

    Lavender essential oil is good for all kinds of skin conditions but I've never applied it to a cold sore. My daughter has used it on her acne though.

    Hopefully others will have other suggestions.
      I fell in love with Abreva. I'd probably check with my dr before I used it pregnant. It's a bit expensive, but I was amazed at how quickly it clears them up.
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