Changing Definition of "On Time" Delivery

Did you Mamas see this?

Supposedly changing the definition of "full term" to 39 weeks?

What do you all think of it?

Kind of makes me chuckle.. I thought to myself.. so since I started and the definition was 40 weeks.. and it might change to 39 weeks.. I lost a week of estimated being pregnant? ha!…

    8Theresa Gould
    Yeah it makes sense to me too. Most of mine were in the 39-40 range, but I had two that were 37 weeks and one that was 41.5 weeks. Though he didn't look overdue since he still had lots of vernix so we may have been "off" in our dates somehow.
      I always thought anything past 37 weeks was considered full-term. You schooled me, lol.
        my son was born at 37.5 weeks, and my doctor said he is completely developed and ready to go out. Our friend's son was born at 40 weeks gestation, and almost died because doctors missed his "normal due date". Because the day of conception is not so easy to determine, the 40 weeks it's not actually 40 weeks( or 39..). so, for me, I don't see a big difference between 39 or 40 weeks, if doctor's estimation of a due date is incorrect.
          Amanda Hurley
          My son was born at 37 weeks, and my OB said that he was considered full term. This is news to me. Interesting article, thanks for sharing.
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