10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Kids

I thought this was a good list, and I understand the reasons behind all of these. I say "you're okay" all the time. What do you think of this? Do you say any of these things?

    Hurry up, oh boy do I say that one! I don't disagree with the author, but I do think that sometimes you have to be blunt when other tactics don't work.

    You're ok is another one that I think has a place in the parenting tool box. I'm very compassionate when my kids hurt themselves, but sometimes they react better with looking them in the eye and nicely saying "You're ok".

    While I 100% believe in being kind and compassionate with my children I do think these kind of articles can put undue stress on a parent to be "perfect". We can read articles all day long about how to feed our kids, discipline them, nurture them, special crafts and projects to do with them... but we are going to be human. After watching my 15 year old spend 10 minutes telling her friends on Facebook "bye!" so that we can get out the door I am going to tell her to hurry up. And I probably will have annoyance in my voice, lol. That's probably followed by a "Come on (daughter's name) we need to get going" and at that point momma is annoyed. She will be okay though knowing I am annoyed, she knows I still love her. ;)
      Kayla DeLeon
      hurry up and your doing great! I say them all the time
        you ok , i say alot
          This is a great article... I do say some of these things... but now I am aware of the repercussions... I must amend!
            I also say "You're okay," a lot. I read an interesting narrative a day or two ago, and I'd like to share that here:


            While this said the same thing as the article you shared, I didn't quite understand it until I read the Highlights version, and lately (even today), I've been trying to put words to explain the tears. Now that I'm paying attention, I think it's helping. For example, my daughter was running around this morning, as she often does, and she ran straight into a bar stool, then hit her head falling back on the floor. I scooped her up and explained, "That was scary and you got an ouchie!" I kept explaining, and I honestly feel like she stopped crying sooner than if I would have said, "You're okay, you're okay."
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