I don't know whether to be concerned or not.

So I am in week 27 of my pregnancy now and I'm having an issue with feeling her move/kick. Some days I feel her move a lot but then others I barely feel her move at all. I would normally already be freaking out and calling the doctor, but the last time I was there the doctor was listening for her heartbeat, which was perfect, and he said that he could hear her move/kick, however, I didn't feel anything. So seeing as I don't always feel her movements, I don't know whether I should be concerned or not.... what do you all think?

    At some point throughout your pregnancy your doc may tell you to count kicks. Sometimes when we are busy running around and doing other things we don't feel them, or often our movements rock baby to sleep, in fact sometimes they are the most active while we are sleeping. Trying drinking some orange juice or something a little sugary and then lying still and feeling for movement. Even slight movement counts. If you don't feel movement you should call your doctor, they may have you come in for a non stress test just to make sure baby is okay
      Do you know the location of your placenta? Sometimes if your placenta is right in the front you will not feel movement as easily. Since you mentioned your doctor heard the baby moving but you didn't feel it I wonder if that could be the issue.

      If you haven't felt the baby move for awhile and you are concerned try drinking a big glass of water or juice, eating something sweet and then laying on your left side for awhile. Hopefully the baby will wake up and start moving around and reassure you that everything is fine.

      Trust your gut feelings, if you think something is wrong call your doctor or go to the hospital.
        Here's a good test.. Eat something, drink a juice or something with low sugar in it and then wait 30 minutes and lay down almost flat or on your side and see.
        So many times I panicked at this stage. Feeling like a whole day had gone by and they hadn't moved. At all.
        The baby still has room in there to move and could be turned in such a way that u wouldn't feel the small movements.
        So eat something. Have a piece of chocolate or a juice and then wait and see. Once I'm still the baby would move and then once I'd move around its like I rocked them to sleep

        Hang in there. It's scary sometimes. Lemme know what happens?!! Be sure to post here after you eat and sit quietly for a bit. ;)
          Okay so I relaxed for about a half hour or so and felt her move about 10 to 15 times... so she's definitely still moving in there. Thank you all for your advice and support. :) I was explaining what was going on to my husband and he agrees that I should call the doctor tomorrow just to get his opinion, find out where the placenta is, and see what may be causing me to not feel her as much. I don't want to freak out over nothing but at the same time I don't want to ignore it thinking everything is fine and it not be. Again, thank you all so much... you all really helped. :)
            Always call ur doc for concerns but I'm
            Willing to bet the baby is turned away from your belly so u feel her less or you just don't feel her unless there bigger movements.
            I freaked out plenty and u will too. The fear is real and it's okay to be scared.. Always do the food check. It was fail safe for me and saved my crazy many times until they were big enough I felt them constantly.

            Oh and don't google it. You will freak out more. Just terrible things come up when u google. Worst case scenario stuff. No google.
            lol! Well those time frames are REALLY common.. babies love when you are up and about moving throughout the day.. that's when they typically snooze away in your belly :) Then when you get quiet at night is when they WAKE UP! I totally felt my lil guy in the morning and then at night.. so from what you are sharing, it seems pretty normal, especially if that is a daily thing!
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