Warning: Cheesy bachelor post!

Okay.. My ONE treat is the bachelor. I usually hate reality shows but absolutely LOVE watching this show. The women are mostly hot emotional crying messes and I just love the cheesy ridiculous drama that goes on.
Juan Pablo is hot and a total douche all at once.
It's like the accident at the side if the road for me.
Monday nights rule for this reason.
Anyone else love to hate it? Thoughts on Juan Pablo? The girls?

Disclosure; not usually the type to gossip about a stupid show but c'mon!!! Where my bachelor watchers at??

    I do not watch the bachelor... never had any interest :(
      I watch it every Monday. I'm right there with you, he's very charming but such a douche all at the same time. I'm glad the women weren't scared to tell him about himself lol. I lo end Renee and if he really wanted love and a life with someone real he would have never sent her home.
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