I am trying to find a routine could some of you moms help me out with this. My kiddos are 12 weeks and 3 yrs. Everyone says it takes some time to establish a routine, what are some of your routines?? Also, do you wake up with husbands in the mornings and get them off to work or do you stay in bed??

    I only have one right now so I don't know if it's helpful but here's our general weekday routine.

    6:00 - I get up and shower
    6 :30ish - I wake up my husband and we eat breakfast, watch the news, get dressed, etc.
    7:00 - Hubby leaves for work and I nurse
    7:30 - Avery gets her breakfast then get dressed, face washed, teeth brushed, etc.
    8:00 - Play-time/Baby friendly chores I can do while she's awake
    9:30 - Nap time & I work
    10:30 - Nurse
    11:00 - We both eat lunch
    11:30 - Play-time/Baby friendly chores I can do while she's awake
    12:30 - Nap time & I work
    1:30 - Nurse
    2:00 - Play-time/Baby friendly chores I can do while she's awake
    3:30 - Nap time & I work
    4:30 - Nurse
    5:00 - Start dinner and Hubby get's home
    5:30ish - We all eat dinner
    Play time
    7:30 - PJs and stories
    8:00 - nurse & bed time
    8:00-10:00 - MOM & DAD TIME!
      It does take time to establish a routine, and they need to be flexible. We don't really get to stay in bed because my 1 year old is up by 6:30am every morning.

      6:30am- Daughter wakes up and we bring her to bed to snuggle
      7:00am- out of bed and getting Holly breakfast while Hubs gets ready for work
      7:30-9am- play time and getting dress/doing chores
      9:00am- Holly takes AM nap
      10;30/11- she gets up and has a snack and we go out to do any errands or play
      12/12:30- Lunch time
      1/1:30- Afternoon nap for Holly- I usually do chores and eat my own lunch
      3:00-Dad gets home- play and run any other errands, or the babysitter comes so I can do some work.
      5:30/6 Dinner time
      Then playtime/bath time and bed.
      Thank you both for your responses. Its nice to know what other moms out there do, though I know every house hold is different and of course depends on the time of yr as well!! I am new to being a stay at home mom but am really enjoying it and I think I found my dream "job".... my husband wakes at 5 to be at work by 6, a couple days last week I woke with him got him breakfast, coffee ect but for me it all just depends on what kind of night I have with my 12 week old, who is usually always stirring by 5 anyways because shes getting hungry haha.... thanks again!!
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