C-Section Recovery

I thought this was a pretty good article about c-section recovery and what to expect. Do you have anything to add?

I have not had a c-section but I always love to hear advice from other moms so I can help support my doula clients who get c-sections.

    5 months later i still had some pain
      I think that one thing I wish I had really understood is that a c-section is MAJOR surgery.. I didn't really put to together.. that they cut through muscles and all that stuff down there holding you together.. I was frustrated with how long it took me to feel normal again and irritated with the lack of use I had of my abs.. just moving and turning..

      I guess I feel like I would have had a different perspective on it had I really known.. My c-section came after 18 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing.. and so I never really researched it..

      My second baby I was scheduled to have a c-section and I was SUPER prepared for it.. But I ended up going into labor sooner and had a VBAC.. but I feel if I were prepared, my recovery would have been "easier"

      SO, just read up on both births and be prepared ... go slow, recover...
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