What to feed my furry kids

I noticed my oldest cat was being grouchy and her fur just didn't look nice anymore. Upon research I realized she was probably a bit dehydrated because I had been feeding the cats dry food only.

So began the search for a good, wet food to make sure they were getting enough liquid in their diet. Apparently it goes against their natural diet to drink enough water from a bowl to stay hydrated. Who knew?

So far I am feeding each cat a 3-4 oz can 3 times a day. This is not cheap, lol. So I am thinking of doing their diet partially dry and partially wet.

Oh, and now any can I open is met by a chorus of pained meowing indicating starvation level discomfort. (SMH)

So out of curiosity, what do you feed your pets and why?

    I don't have cats so I don't have any advice there.

    I have four dogs and we feed them dry food. I add a scoop of coconut oil onto their food because it is good for their skin and fur. As chew treats I give them broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and sweet potatoes. They seem to like the vegetable and I figure it is healthy for them.
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