Vomiting but No Fever

This could be a few things, sometimes food poisoning or upset stomach from bad food can be a reason you could be vomiting without a fever. If you have taken a spill or fall it can induce vomiting (if this is happening call a doctor immediately.) It could be some sort of medical condition. It could be pregnancy. If it is prolonged you should see your doctor.

Moms Expertise
    Sometimes they just get a whim of illness... My son came home yesterday, suddenly fell ill.. had a headache and felt yucky.. layer down after a snack and then barfed.. Once.. and literally was ALL better... Something didn't sit with him right.. his body didn't like something.. maybe he layer down too fast or didn't digest something earlier.. not sure.. but he was fine after and fine this morning..

    I think we forget that kids systems are not that much different than ours.. sometimes something just doesn't sit right...

    But like you said, if it continues or seems to happen a lot and more.. then totally see a Doctor...
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