Ideal Toddler Sleep Schedule

I've noticed a lot of questions about routines and schedules and sleeping lately, so I found this article about establishing a sleep schedule with toddlers and what the ideal amount of sleep for a young toddler is. I thought this had some good info.

    These articles are always funny to me... The Ideal toddler sleep schedule is for the "ideal" toddler.. lol.. I didn't seem to have one of them.. I had two toddlers with wills of their own and ideas of how they should sleep and I fought it every step of the way...

    In a perfect world this schedule is perfect.. I WISH I could have followed this one.. but truth is, with two other kids and school schedules and work and their dad and I switching off, the schedule was never really a schedule.. Sometimes you gotta just roll with it..

    I think routine out weighs the schedule every time..
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