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Sitting children in front of the TV can do more harm than good in children under 2. I thought it was harmless to sit with my daughter and watch Sesame Street, but according to researchers it harms their intelligence.
The first two years is a critical time for brain development. Babies brains are wired by experimenting with cause and effect. So interacting, exploring, playing with you and others help develop the skills they need to grow intellectually, socially and emotionally. Exposing them to classical music builds language skills, spatial and temporal reasoning which is needed for math. So the next time you have time to play with your baby, keep the TV off and enjoy more time interacting and exploring.

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    I think that this study can be taken out of context.. I think if you sit a child in front of the TV to entertain them.. and for long periods then yes, it can harm them.. But in truth.. if you have a 20 minute show or video they like then there's no harm.. Also, the times pent with your daughter watching Sesame street sounds sweet.. you can interact and make comments and help teach her things she's seeing.. and watch WITH her rather than just plopping her down..

    I think everything in moderation.. there really has to be a LOT of TV watched to cause a problem I would imagine..
      Early on I worried like crazy about how much tv we had on around Avery. I acted like the tv was like some soul-sucking machine that lowered my daughters IQ by one point for every minute it was on. Can you say "overreacting"?

      What I learned was my daughter didn't care to watch tv for more then 5min when it was on. She responded to some shows more then others (which to me seems like a sign of intellectual development) but usually would just smile at the screen and then continue playing with whatever else was around. As she got older tv helped her gross motor development because she would roll towards it. Kids shows often play classical music that she listens too while playing, which doesn't seem that different from listening to the radio to me.

      I guess my opinion is that tv in moderation can't hurt as long as parents are still interacting and the child is still playing like normal. I let go of my tv hating-ness, Lol
        Benita Stephenson
        I agree with the other moms. In moderation. Being active is important too.
          Moderation is VERY important in everything we do!
            Just like everyone else says moderation is very important. Also, if they will watch tv then sitting with them and playing along while they watch would be best to me. You're still interacting with them which is great for their development.

            My lo doesn't watch any shows yet ( he won't sit still long enough) but we do play him sesame street music videos and sing along with them. He loves it and gets really excited, and it's just 3-5 minutes at a time. His favorite is Cookie Monster "Me want it."
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