Organization Tips

I am so unorganized! Secretly I envy people that have everything in order, everything has its place. Me? Well everything has a general vicinity and it may or may not be there.

So, please share your favorite/best organizational tips! Give me all of it: how you sort paperwork, how you store your cleaning supplies, do you have your bills set to auto pay?

Help a hopelessly unorganized momma out.

    Ah.. I am OCD! There is a method to all the madness! :)

    - under the sink, all cleaning supplies! In an orderly basket/bin! I don't KEEP anything that is just sitting there, everything has a purpose!

    - all our bills are online and set up easily to pay with a click!

    - we also keep our mail/bills that come in, in a drawer and then as they are paid online we mark PAID on each of them and file them away!

    :) Those are just the tip of the ice berg hehe
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