I've been a single mother for 7 months. I'm just curious as how long after leaving baby daddy is it okay to date? And when there is someone you are into, do you tell you have a baby before you start dating? Or do you date for awhile and then tell them that you have a baby?

    Honesty is key. I think it is ok for you to date as soon as you feel ready. Be sure that you are completely honest about having a baby, be honest about what you are looking for (serious relationship or just fun) and be honest about your expectations. I would not have your baby around any men you are dating though. I would not have your baby and the man meet until you had been dating for awhile and in a serious committed relationship. Good luck and have some fun!
      Oh.... YES!!! Tell them.. always be upfront.. this is who you are.. you are a mother.. this needs to be said immediately.. then you can be real and know this person is interested in you and also, they need to know what they have...

      Dating after a divorce or break up.. it's really up to YOU.. are you dating because you're lonely or bored? Or because you feel good about yourself and are ready to meet someone?

      I'm a single mom and have been for over 6 years.. I dated about a year after.. but wasn't really in to it.. just didn't care very much.. I still don't.. lol.. I'm not dating to seek a person for life.. BUT if I happen to meet someone then I'm not closed off..

      Also.. you have to think about when you do meet someone that you like, how soon if at all do they meet your child? Sleep overs? ALL this stuff will come up. I have a strict rule.. both my kids dad and I have the agreement that NO ONE meets the kids until we are in a serious relationship... not marriage serious, but someone who you trust and are with with.. not just dating.. I never want my kids to ask "what happened to Bob or John?"... lol.. PLUS< who I am as mother is sacred and very private part of who I am.. and I need to trust that person who gets to see that slide of me completely...

      SO.. you feel ready?? You have your eye on someone??? Do tell..

      OH.. and have FUN!!! It's okay to enjoy yourself ... :)
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