5th Grade Over night Class Trip... Ugh... lol

Every year my schools fifth grade class takes an overnight... They all go on a boat to Catalina Island, play games and sleep over and come back the next day...Of course there are tons of chaperones, etc...

My son is in 4th now, but next year it will be his turn..

I don't want him to go... lol.. he said he doesn't either, but then i think ti's something he SHOULD do.. of course I wouldn't force him.. I'm thinking he may change is mind.. And maybe I could work it out somehow and be a chaperone.. not sure though..

BUT, I'm not thrilled with it.. it's just a big slumber party, I get it.. but I don't know..


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    Nope. I'm used to them going away for weekends when their dad visits. Not that at all. I think it's just a simple case of that's my baby boy.. What if he neeeeddsss me!!??

    I never show him this side of course. I'm able to put my own feelings aside and Akways just encourage him even though I'm worried inside..

    I too had sleep away camps at his age. I'm sure it's fine .. I know it's good for him. I think it's just my dude is growing up. Lol
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