Preganacy regrets...

I wanted to discuss pregnancy regrets.

1. Do not regret telling people about your confirmed pregnancy too early. This is because you sometimes need extra time to think about how to answer people's questions. From family to friends, people will doubt your ability to parent. If you know you will be a good parent and that you are infact ready, go ahead and wait until it's too late to go back so that no one try's to pressure you into an alternative choice. Another reason to wait, is because you have a very high risk of miscarriage in the first few weeks and even months. Don't go picking a baby name and buying toys for someone you can lose so easily and tragically. I do not say this to scare anyone, it's just facts and I would hate for someone to be so devastated by losing a precious child they longed to have.

2. Telling everyone the sex of your baby the day you find out. I regret this because I never got to make people guess the sex or host a sex reveal party or even just sex revealing photos or cupcakes. There are so many adorable sex revealing things you can do. So do them!

3. I am now 8 months pregnant and I can't turn back time. I wanted to do adorable pictures from skinny to really pregnant (not fat), but I missed the opportunity by waiting until I was too big. Please don't regret the adorable photo opps from skinny, to kinda big, to about to explode, to babies arrival. It's too precious. Ideas can be found by google searching pregnancy photography. Go get inspired! Do them yourself also by having a friend take them, you need to save the money for that little expensive baby coming your way by saving on a photographer.

Preganacy regrets...
    I agree with most of your post. There are so many fun ways to reveal the gender. I really wish I had taken more photos during my pregnancy.

    Is there anything you are going to do for your birth or those newborn days? Plan them out now so you wont regret them later! Take tons of pictures!
      I too wish I would have taken more pictures I have a few but not many. I always wanted to have my pregnacy pictures done professionally and have my daughters hands( the one that was already here of course lol) on my belly. We're thinking about maybe one more in a year or so , so maybe we'll have that chance :)
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