Breastfeeding, pumping during the night

I have been pumping once during the night since Kaitlyn was 5 weeks (she is now 5 months) since she did not wake up to nurse. I have been noticing the last few weeks I am pumping less and less (maybe 1/2 oz one side and 1 oz other side). I am still pumping enough during the work day. Should I continue to pump at night or do you think I can stop? Would that affect my supply during the day? Without pumping during the night, I would go between 9-10 hours without nursing/pumping. I don't want to hurt my supply, though if I could get more sleep, I will take it!

    I think you can stop. Your body will make as much as she needs when she needs it. So if she doesn't need it in the middle of the night your body will naturally slow production until an hour or so before she normally wakes to nurse. Then it will kick into gear and make as much as she ate at that time the day before. Your body is an amazing thing and it will adjust perfectly. Your internal clock tells the body to adjust calorie, fat, and water content depending on te time of day anyway. For example, at night your body automatically adjusts milk to keep the baby full while they sleep and it's extra hydrating in the morning to make up for the long fast.

    You may wake up feeling very full for a day or two after you stop while your body figures it out though.
      Thanks everyone. I will wait until the weekend to see how it goes.
        Sleep is good! LOL!
          I did not pump at night over the weekend and it was so nice to get a solid 6 hours of sleep! What a difference that makes! I thought I would be more uncomfortable, though it was not too bad. I just need to remember nursing pads! Thanks for all the advice.
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