Woman complains she wasn't allowed to breastfeed in jail!

A woman complained because she wasn't able to express breastmilk in jail and now her baby is having medical issues. I feel so bad for her poor baby, being separated from her mom at only 3 weeks old. It is probably the mothers own fault she went to jail but still very sad and hard for her and her baby.

Not the I ever plan on being in jail but if I was... Personally I would want to pump so I could maintain my milk supply so that when I got out I could still breastfeed my baby. I would also be very uncomfortable and in pain if I was not able to pump. I don't think I would actually send the milk to my baby though, I would worry about germs and proper storage and transport of the milk to the baby.

Do you think women should be allowed to express milk for their baby while they are in jail?

    8Theresa Gould
    With all the "services" provided to inmates, I am sure a lactation consultant or other medical professional could be procured to do the handling, storage and transport of the milk. In the least a trusted family member. But I agree it should be allowed, it's not the baby's fault the mother is in jail.
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