How to convince my husband to get me pregnant

One thing I've learned in nearly 20 years of marriage is when my husband's mind is made up there has to be a wise appeal in order for him to change it. I'd have to have some solid reasons to present to him for wanting another child.

When I was younger I tried to appeal to him and the more I tried to change his mind the more he resisted. I learned to wait the two years he wanted to wait before we had children.

I think the decision to have a child should be a mutual one. Not one from deceit or trickery, those things do not do much for the future of the relationship.

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    Oh, I completely agree that it is wrong to trick your husband, but I know a bunch of people that have done that...I couldn't; it would feel too wrong.

    I think if a woman wants a baby and her husband does not, she needs to just explain to him (without being naggy or over-bearing) how much this means to her. And help him visualize what life might be like with a baby. Men often do not realize how loudly the biological clock ticks for us :-) Your husband may not agree, but if he loves you, he will listen and consider seriously.

    I also think there is a big difference in convincing your husband to have a first child vs. to have a 4th, which I'm thinking about! I would never have given up for baby #1; would probably have been willing to end a marriage if he never wanted to have kids (or, realistically wouldn't have married him in the first place if he'd indicated as much). But for a 4th child, which I'm unsure about myself, I am not willing to push as much. (That being said, if he agreed, I'd definitely go for it!)
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