home daycare

My sister wants to start a small home daycare for about 5-6 kids. What do you need to open one for yourself? Do you have any experience running a daycare in your house? thanks

    Never done it, but I would make sure you have something to protect yourself. As in, sign yourself up as a business that way if something happens, forbid it somebody tries to sue you... they can't take your car, house, etc.

    I think most places you also have to have a license, or at least that it helps.

    I'm not sure all the steps necessary but I wish you luck in your endeavours!
      8Theresa Gould
      Your sister's state should have information on how to set up a business and there's probably specific list of things to do for a daycare out there. A google search would probably turn up enough for what she needs, though I know it isn't the same as personal experience; it is a place to start.
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