I hate old balloons.

The ones that are half mast a week after a birthday? They just sort of float eerily around? But your child's not ready to part with them yet and your rule of once they hit the ground sounded like a good one at the time.

Last night about 2, I got up to pee... My room is directly across from my kids room and in between is a short hallway that leads to the living room. And as I'm shuffling to the potty without my glasses on .. In my peri feral I catch a white floaty thing hovering at the doorway.. I nearly jumped out of my panties. The flood of terror went through me so fast. Oh my gosh.

Oddly enough those freakin balloons lost allllll their air from the time my kids went to school and came home. All of it. Ground rules.

Creepy hover alien balloons gone.

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