Hey all

Sorry for posting mainly links to my blog. I haven't had a lot of time lately to be social online. The little one is asleep early so I have a moment.

I took a chance today. I finally got my book of my writings back from a lady at work that works second shift. Her mom and brother both work third shift. She is out on maternity leave at the moment but her mom knew where my book was so she brought it to me at work today. I turned around and gave it to my boss. I like to write and I know he likes to read so I gave him the book with a note on it saying "A change in pace of reading material". Should be interesting to see what he thinks of it.I don't expect him to get through the whole thing in one night but hope he at least starts reading because I am curious how he will react.

Mainly poetry.
No I haven't. I can email some to you once my boss gets done with my book. I don't have any of it on this computer.
    8Theresa Gould
    Hope he enjoys it and gives you some positive feedback.
      Well today on my way out at the end of the day I was walking one way down the hall way at work and my boss was walking the other way and he looked up at me and said that he hadn't gotten started reading my writings book yet. He said he didn't know if he would get to it this weekend because he had the grand kids coming for the weekend.

      Lol. He has grand kids for the weekend and my oldest is at my mom's for the weekend. Must just be the weekend for kids to be at their grandparents. We still have baby with us. She is still a bit young to be going to grandmas for the weekend without mom.
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