Just giving a Thanks

I really love this site, although I may not comment a lot I just love the general information and insight from other REAL moms out there....you all help me realize I am doing things right and there are many different ways of parenting and traditions....I get helpful tips and wonderful ideas from each and every one of you ladies...Thank You for sharing your stories and tips and I look forward to many many more

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    That is great to hear April! I am glad that this site and the members have been helpful to you. We would all love for you to post more and share your thoughts and opinions too!
      8Theresa Gould
      Ditto what Katie said and thank you for sharing!
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      Im a single mom of 2....My Pipsqueak she was born in 2004 and My Cuddle Bug he was born in 2012....my children mean more to me then my life itself they give me the joy I need and give the real meaning to "Love"