I think it's cultural...

I admit, I never understand having a babies ears pierced.. these were the babies of the same moms that hated getting them shots and fretted about the appointments constantly... To me, it seemed the same.. was it vanity? I was never really told by the moms why ...Until a made a friend, who became a really close friend and they are Mexican. And when her girls were born, she had their ears pierced. I was close enough with her and fascinated by some of their festivities' and foods anyway, so I asked her.. She said it's a tradition in the their Mexican heritage, a showing of felinity, a welcoming, a right of passage... THIS made sense to me and thus seemed really cool for her girls to receive that... the sisters and grandmas all went and it was sweet.. The girls screamed of course, but that was expected.

I get it on this level.. But then I see younger mothers here.. and it seems they do it just to do it, because they think it's cool.

I don't judge.. To each is own, but it's interesting the different view on it all..

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    I totally agree with you - I'm not a fan of ear-piercing babies personally, though I understand it can be a cultural tradition, which is different. I was once in a salon when a woman brought in her sleeping 3 month old baby, woke her up to get her ears pierced and then got frustrated by the screaming. That made me mental, I must admit...Anyway, she had come with a friend, and I basically convinced that friend not to do it. I felt so accomplished :-)

    I also don't understand when families are on social assistance and get their baby's ears pierced. How is that a priority if money is tight? But, again, perhaps I am missing some significance of the ritual to them.

    My daughter is 7 and doesn't have her ears pierced. She has started to ask for it for her 8th bday, and I'm considering...
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