Same Love...

My kids weren't satisfied with "I love you all the same" comments... and I understood that.. my older didn't WANT to be loved the same... he wanted to be special... Different.. He wanted to be Loved MORE than his new sister (and still

I told him in secret that he would always be the most special to me because he was my first and my SON and that now he's a big brother, there's one MORE reason I love him... that he's more special to me NOW than ever before...

I don't love them the same. I mean, the amount of love I have for them is overwhelming and the "same" but I love them for different reasons and sometimes you gotta SAY those reason out loud... I love my son for his kindness and sarcastic sense of humor and that he's sweet and thoughtful and a goofball.. I love my daughter for her positive attitude, how she's ready for ANY thing, every day, how she's always up beat and joyful and silly...

I think it's important to NOT bunch them together.. To tell your older child no matter how old they are, that they are special because of... and that this role they play as an older sibling makes you respect and love them more.. that you NEED them ... they will rise to the occasion.. Take the time out to make them feel special again.. The jealousy may not go away, but it may turn from being hateful..

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