Taxes are HERE!!! Tips to hang on to it???

I Love waking up to seeing my taxes in my bank account!!! Then I paid some bills and my car payment and I see how quickly it dwindles .. lol..

I always make the mistake of over paying any bills whenever a little extra money comes in and the suddenly, it's gone.. or I don't have enough for something that comes up.. like car maintenance or a weekend day trip..

Not going to do that this year.. I'm going to pay exactly what I pay every month.. and put the rest aside.. and make sure I save some of it..

Ladies? What's your trick to hanging on to some???

    It makes sense to put some money to paying off debt first. If you put the money in a savings account, you barely get any interest but look at the high interest charges that are on your car, credit card etc. You wind up saving more by paying things off earlier. I think it's all a balance though; if you can split up your refund into 3 equal parts. 1st part savings 2nd part paying off a bill 3rd part something fun for you.
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