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I see a lot of questions posted here from moms asking about legit work at home positions. I have no advice to offer on strictly work at home, internet type jobs, as this is not what I do, however just a few general things to consider when you are thinking about how to earn money and having young children:

1. Find a skill that is marketable or a niche idea that hasn't been fully developed, regardless of location. In other words, think about what you can offer to an employer or to customers first, without considering where to do it.

2. Once you have whittled this down to a short list, consider whether this is an existing type of position where you'd apply for a job or if this is a more entrepreneurial enterprise.

3. Sell yourself to a future employer or to your future customers. If are good and can do something that others are willing to pay for, where you do it is becoming more and more irrelevant in today's interconnected world.

For example, I am a partner at an professional firm, a job very few people would describe as being a "work at home mom." Nonetheless, I have proven my skill and ability and have shown my co-partners that I can actually be depended upon to get work done even when I work remotely. So I average 1-3 days a week either in my home office or at a local office much closer to home where I don't have to travel downtown.

Flexibility works both ways, though. When there are important events that require my in-person attendance, even if in the evenings, I make it happen. I think it is unrealistic to expect a good, reasonably paying job to accommodate you without your having to accommodate as well.

Personally, I say that if you want to earn an income and also be available to your children, set your sights a little broader and don't be afraid.

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