No stage mom here... Ish.

It's Soooo hard. Lol. My son is in the school talent show this weekend. He and his buddy are doing a stand up comedy routine. It's hilariously bad. Lol
But I LOVE that he has the guts to do it.
Having done stand up comedy and coming from second city improv its reeeaaalllyy hard for me to keep my mouth shut and direct them. I give suggestions on timing and punching the delivery but other than that I gotta just back off.

He's nervous and I told him how I've been on stage hundreds of times and I still get nervous.

So fingers crossed his nerves are turned into energy and he has fun!!!

Send good vibes. I'm letting it go and just proud to see him have confidence to get up there in front of the whole school. Hardest thing to do is get up in front of people to make them laugh.

Ugh. I want to vomit for him.

    sounds like fun
      Aww good luck! He's got more guts than me lol
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