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Being a single mom, my husband recently passed away, it has been extremely difficult in all aspects. However my prayers were listened to. I began receiving financial advice from multi millionaire Robert Kiyosaki and my financial hardships ​had a turnover. I want to share this opportunity to anyone who needs a source of income or is going through any financial hardships.

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    All you gotta do is ask, huh? I'm glad to hear your situation is looking up. What was his advice? Also, welcome!
      Oh Barbara, what an amazing story! Thank you for sharing!
      You should tell us more about it!
      You know every mom is looking for an opportunity to make the life of her kids and her own little better - and extra money are good way!
      How did you find this advises?
        Amanda Hurley
        Oh Barbara, I am so sorry for your loss. What an amazing story. Welcome to Moms.com.
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            8Theresa Gould
            That's great that things are looking up for you. Sorry to hear about your husband.
            Absolutely, I have saved tons of money. Especially because their affiliate stores are big brands such as Target (where I purchase all of my son's and household needs), Walmart, Ihop, Macy's, office max and a lot others.I also get Taxbot for free which is a tax management software, there's an amazing vacation club which has discounts deeper than hotwire. And the icing on the cake as a platinum member I earn residual income by helping others save.
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