how to bring back the "spark" in a marriage.

Help?? i need some suggesstions, we have been together for 7 years & Married 5 years, not to mention we are parents of 3 little ones.(: we started making our family at the ripe age of 18, we had quite the relationship back then! now here we are admitting to eachother that altho we are in love, we are both clearly bored with eachother!!..and im talking about in the bedroom kinda bored? any suggestions would be greatly appreicated. there just isnt much "excitment" when it comes to that, to me sex feels like a chore, anyone else have/had this problem.. tell me theres hope??

Nikki Hicks
    8Theresa Gould
    I agree with spending more time together and what about some whispering throughout the day or a love text (it doesn't have to be graphic), a touch at the dinner table or a passionate kiss in the kitchen during clean up. Spice things up with some daytime "foreplay", which differs from couple to couple. Do things you both enjoy and perhaps are missing at this stage of your marriage.
      Yes.. Happens.. Date night. You can take turns on where you'd like to go then where he would like to go. It don't always have to be just dinner. Something you both enjoy. Bowling, movies, (drive-in is always fun).

      Some toys in the bedroom is always fun. Edible ointments, outfits. (Maybe take him with you to pick out an outift or two)I'm a romantic so I take the candles route.. put some scarfs over the lights.. sexy outfits, take more time on the oral part of making love. It puts more fun time in a relationship.
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