any of you moms notice a change in your menstruation after having a baby? mine used to be light and i never got crampy or achy. whole different ballgame now. heavier flow, achy and crampy even in my back :/

    8Theresa Gould
    Mine have been the opposite, though I can still have bouts of backache. And I have been getting headaches for almost a year and never, ever had them before.
      I had the same thing happen. Before kids my periods were light and had very little cramping. After having my first my period got much heavier and I had a ton of cramping. After my second baby my period went back to normal again and then after my fourth they got bad again. So weird how things change.
        I had a month worth of bleeding after my daughter came and then nothing since.
          I had a nice period pains used to be so bad some months that I would throw up or be unable to go to work/school that day. Since I had my first child, I have no cramps at all. The problem is that I used to count on the cramps to warn me of the period coming, and now it just shows up with now warning. So I really have to count the days!!
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