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My son started sucking his thumb when he was about 1 year old when we weaned him from his bottle. He is now going to be 4 in June and still sucks on it to soothe himself and at bedtime. The dentist told us to get him to stop. We agree, but how?

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    With our two oldest it was different with each one. It took our oldest a year to stop. She just had to decide she wanted to. With our second, I asked her if she stopped sucking her thumb what would she like and she said, "A hotdog party". We used socks on her hands at bedtime for a few nights and within a week she stopped. She really wanted a hotdog party! :) Is there something he really wants you could offer as an incentive?
      I've heard the spray works!! Also at 4 you can remind him that he's so active now that the germs will make him sick. U know .. Scare him. Lol
      Or maybe use the baby no more angle? Or tell him he will get buck teeth. ? Am I terrible that I think u should scare him away a bit?? Lol

      I wrestled early on not wanting to give my kids pacifiers, but then they found their thumbs and I would gently move their hands and put in a pacifier. My theory was, I could eventually take the pacifier away.. But not their thumb. And me being a tad but germ aware.. It was important to me they didn't suck their thumb.

      I say put lotion on his hands, something that just makes it not yummy like it was.
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