Inducing Labor at Home

Before you try any methods of inducing your labor at home please consult your doctor. It is very important that you doctor approves your methods of self induction and the timing of such induction.

Many women try castor oil and swear it works, but beware. Castor oil causes you to have intestinal cramping and bowel movements. Caster oil has an awful taste so mixing it with juice can help get it down. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids with this method so you don't become dehydrated.

Walking can help speed up early labor. Sometimes sex can trigger you to go into labor. With both of those methods make sure you are not over doing it and getting plenty of rest.

There are some teas and herbs that you can try but you should not do these without the assistance of a professional. These herbal mixtures can cause serious complication and bleeding if not used properly.

Labor is one of those things that really needs to start on it's own. In many cases induction, especially self induction, will not work if the body is not ready for labor. Make sure your doctor is aware of anything you try.

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