Face Up Baby

All four of my babies were born face up and it was not fun. It is much harder to push out a face up baby because their head doesn't mold properly. I also had a large amount of back pain during each of my labors. I was lucky that I was able to push out all of my face up babies and that I did not need a c-section. Some moms aren't so lucky and their baby gets stuck requiring a c-section.

There are a few things you can do to try to encourage your baby to move to a face down position. Stay upright for as much as you can during labor. Get on your heads and knees or try the open knee chest position. Sit on a birth ball, squat, walk around, or even try some lunges. Make sure you have a support person there to help you and prevent falls.

While pushing listen to your body, try pushing in multiple positions. Listen to your healthcare providers advice, they may need you to push harder or softer during certain times.

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