Nerves are racking up

I had another ultrasound today. It was the final one with the doctors in my area. We are now waiting for the authorizations to go through for the insurance so I can be switched to the bigger hospital. I do not think our bundle is going to wait until his due date. He is getting cramped. I still have 8 weeks to go, but he is in position. I am anxious to meet the fetal medical team out at the U of M. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks I will meet the OB, the maternal fetal specialist, and the neonatal cardiologist. With the help of these three specialists, we will get a finalized plan of what will happen when little Connor is born. As the day approaches, I am getting nervous. Today's ultrasound, they found that his pulmonary artery is also larger than its supposed to be. Open heart surgery is a definite, but we don't know exactly ​what is going to be done. Also, as his heart is getting bigger, so is the VSD (hole) in it. The doc also still cannot find a connection for the aorta and the lower portion of his body. I kept hoping that something would change, but I don't see that happening. I am starting to worry, especially since its getting closer.

Amanda HurleyFlat Rock, Michigan
    Tracy Miller
    :( Sounds very scary!! Will be praying for you and your little one!!
      8Theresa Gould
      :( Hugs. Thinking of you and praying. I don't know what else to say to make you feel better.
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