As a member of a few online mommy forums, I often see mothers talking about old wives tales regarding their babies. When I was pregnant, it was castor oil to jump start labor, standing on your head to change the sex of the baby, we've all read them. Now that I've had my baby I wonder how much was trial and error on my mothers part, how much was handed down through the generations, tweaked to fit each child. I wonder how different it would be if my mother could google, or read forums, or take pictures of a strange rash, upload it to her doctor and get an answer in minutes.

As kids, would we still have taken a drink from the garden hose if we knew about the potential parasites that were lurking in there?

As teenagers, would we have shared our eyeliner and mascara if we knew what we could be spreading to our friends?

As pregnant women would we really think it was possible to stand on our head to change the sex of our baby, or try castor oil because at 39 weeks we were just done!

And as mothers, will we still go to our mothers for the same advice they went to their mothers for? Believe what we read in these forums? Google (and sometimes, terrify) ourselves?

What do you do when your child has a rash, or colic, or is just plain fussy? Do you take advantage of your mothers advice as a mother herself? Do you google things first?

    I understand completely. Babies are so different. That's what I'm really finding out. I saw a post the other day about a woman's 12 week old that was already standing unassisted. I immediately wondered why my 12 week old Charlie was not doing the same. Because babies are so different, that's why. But sometimes it can be so helpful! I had posted a question about my son not being all that regular, one mother recommended I pump his little legs like a bicycle. So I tried it. It's now a part of our every day routine and he's so regular now! In the end I think it's smart to try to do our own research, but smarter to listen to our gut, and our pediatricians :)
      I tend to stay off of websites that give advice that is not fact or trial based. I love web mD forthe different milestones!
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