Late Night TV...

If you work from home… what do you watch late night?

I am WAY too much of a night owl — so I definitely have my fav shows that run in the wee hours of the morning and keep me company while I work.

They are… no judging here...



Golden Girls!!!


What do you watch?

    8Theresa Gould
    I don't usually watch TV while I work, but am guilty of checking email or Facebook too often! Not that I haven't stayed up late to watch shows or movies, I have, it's just not a regular thing while I work. Only if I am facing writers block or need a break!

    I do watch TV (aka Hulu or ABC) when I return from my paper route as it helps me fall asleep for some reason and these are the shows I am into right now:

    Switched at Birth
    Pretty Little Liars
    Extreme Weight Loss
    and I have a couple episodes of Zero Hour to catch up on
    8Theresa Gould
    Oh and I am guilty of playing a game of reversi or solitaire on my phone to break up any monotonous work!
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