..breastfeeding diet!

Mamas.. knock on wood.. but I haven't had any issues with food and breastfeeding Monroe and him not taking whatever I ate very well.. but I sure know it can happen. Did you Mamas who breastfed ever have to nix certain things in your diet while breastfeeding? My good friend had to cut out dairy recently.. AH! Poor soul! :) I did notice post Mexican food he seemed fussy.. so I might steer clear of the queso :( Also.. onions.. but those I can live without I suppose! ;)

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      Yea I had to cut out a few things it made us both gassy lol.
        Never had an issue... this is interesting though!
          The most common thing I have to cut is dairy. but I've had to cut other things, too... Tomato products, sweet potatoes, grape juice, apple juice, tea, honey, spicy foods. With Andrew and Eva i pretty much just ate bland chicken for 3 months straight.
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