Would You Have your Kids arrested to teach them a lesson?

A couple who was away on a 5 day vacation, had a feeling that their two daughters were up to no good.. After coming home early and seeing their girls had a number of parties in their home, they decided to let the police handle it this time...The girls were arrested and the parents are taking a lot of heat that they are terrible and parents would never do that...


First, we don't know what these girls had done to lead up to this.. Maybe their disrespect had been given chanced before and this was the last straw?

Still! Would you send your kids to jail for a night?

I can't say yes or no... What if I just couldn't reach them? What if they just weren't "getting" it? Sometimes you need to go big to make your point. Right? No? Right?

First .. it's not like they were in an orange jumpsuit and sent to prison.. they spent the night in a cell.. together.. Fun? NO.. Did they get a glimpse of what could be?

I'm torn here until I know the full story... But, I'm assuming that they'd tried everything.. Or hope so at least.


    8Theresa Gould
    Yeah, I'm with you. It's hard to say what I'd do. I know some of my harder headed kids would need a wake up call like this if they were in the same situation as these girls. Some kids just have to make bad decisions and live with the consequences before "waking up". I have one of those. They just learn the hard way, unfortunately.
      What a tough question. I guess it really would be situation dependent, but I'm leaning toward no, I would not send them to jail.
        Amanda Hurley
        To be honest, the best thing my mom did for me was had me arrested for truancy. I was the type of teenager that there was no talking to. I was smoking, stealing, skipping school. I would have to say that if there is a point where there is no getting through to my child, that I would go ahead and do it.
          Tracy Miller
          If it meant teaching my child a lesson, most definitely I would! Especially in today's world, something has to be done to change things!
            Comment deleted
              I personally would react differently depending on their ages... my son once took a package of toys from a store... he was only 6 ... but still he did it. I took him back to the store and made him give it to the clerk and tell her he was sorry. She gave him a speech and of course he was embarassed by the entire situation. I was too... I thought I raised my children better. Anyway... I hope never to run into this encounter again... I hope he learned his lesson... but if my children were older and stealing... I would possibly get the law involved.
              8Theresa Gould
              You also have your brother who could come up with something I am sure!
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