Kids Allowance?

Do you give your kids and allowance? What do they do to earn it?

How much is appropriate?

My friend gives her daughter a dollar per year of her age (9)... a week.. That's a lot right? If I did that for my little girl too (6).. that's a significant amount of $...

Anyone? And I DO think kids should have an allowance.. it's fun for them and gives them money control and value... But not $9 a week... Shees...​

    8Theresa Gould
    No, we don't. Whatever they get they have to earn or it's birthday/Christmas money. I don't want to feed entitlement any more than it's already present.
      I think some form of money, even if it's helping grocery budget it important for money management. I know for allowances, I was drawing up chore-based business contracts with my parents- requiring signatures and all. And let me say it has followed me through life and I am very grateful for it.
        Amanda Hurley
        Right now, we reward positive behavior with a gift from the dollar store. She gets two gifts a week, one for behavior at school and one for at home. If my husband made more money, she would be able to earn 5 dollars a week for household chores. It was something my parents did when I was growing up, and it helped teach me the value of a dollar.
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