Paparazzi and Celebrity and their Kids... My experience...

I have a few celebrity parents whose kids attend our school... Nope.. we are public school In Sherman Oaks, CA... not bells and whistles... no private schools... I'm close with one of them.. and her son is a good friend of my daughters.. The last couple of weeks there have been quite a few paparazzi near the school... it's pilot season and shows are being announced and actors are coming out in movies, etc...

Yesterday... My kids and I walked out of the gate with my friend and her son, who is a celebrity and we were literally bombarded by a swarm of 10 photographers, in her face... they didn't care about me or the kids.. in fact, my kids were being sort of nudge around so they could get a picture of her.. Security had been lurking at the gates over the last few days since the photographers showed up and came to her rescue and got us all safely to the car.

Sounds fun right? it wasn't.. I have never been MORE uncomfortable and irrupted and HEATED that my kids were in danger .. these guys would have stepped on my kids to get the good shot.. they were ALSO taunting my friend... bringing up rumors, saying things about her ex, life, etc... trying to get a rise out of her.. it was CRAZY...

It was scary.

What sort of rules do you think they should have?? Especially with kids? This was a normal day for her, not a day of her at some fancy restaurant where she needs the press... this was on her turf... so weird...


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