3 hours FREE... with nothing I HAVE to do... what would YOU do???

I've been super busy and a lot has been going in and I have a busy afternoon and weekend coming... BUT... I have about 3 hours to myself, in my home.. to do whatever I want to do.. Normally I would clean up or run some errands, but Im a little sleepy today.. I'm cozy ion the couch right now writing..

I would like to watch a movie and crochet ( i know.. i'm obsessed.. it's so relaxing)... or maybe even lay down and close my eyes for a bit, but there's that little voice in my head that tells me I'm lazy and I should be at the gym.. or doing something productive... I hate that voice.. that voice keeps me from relaxing..

What do you do with three extra hours alone? With nothing that really HAS to get done?? Do you feel guilty of you just watch tv? or a movie or nap?

    maybe clean or be productive for an hour then relax!
      Id take a nap. You deserve it, don't feel guilty.
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