missing my old work out

does anyone else ever look back at old pics and think wow, what happened!?

missing my old work outmissing my old work out
    I've just started getting energy again but have gone straight to walking everyday and I'm going to try yoga saturday. I do a mixture of everything when I'm able. I got stuck on cross fit for a long time( the pictures I posted where me during cross fit training) I started athletic training when I moved to far away from the cross fit location.I love learning how to use you're own body strength to work out instead of using a bunch of machines... but don't get me wrong I love the machines too!
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    I haven't heard of it before, is it group fitness or dvd
      I keep telling luke I would be in great shape if I had a horse! ;)
        oh yes... sometimes i wonder where that body went...i need to get into a routine!
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