Furniture *trigger*

I was just reading some posts on a different site and came across a story. My heart is still aching so bad for this family. I will not go into details, but her son passed away after climbing up the dresser in his room, it fell onto him. It hurts to even type it. She shared her story so that people would understand how real the threat is. I will admit it. Charlie is 12 weeks old and we have not secured anything in our home. We have all of the stuff in a box, we just haven't done it yet as he hasn't even started crawling yet. After reading this I will be bolting down everything that can fall. What have you secured in your home?

    This is a great reminder for everyone. Book shelves, dressers, TVs and other big furniture can and do fall on children causing serious injuries or death. It is pretty easy to make them save too, just get an earthquake strap for the top of the furniture and it screws into the wall.
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